Halloween bash (29th October 2011)


Picture of Niall behind the bar.  What a looker! Kyle & Zoe in fancy dress Big caesar in the house
Nina and wizard Al SOme of our usual customers who didn't bother to dress up ! Johnny Rap clowning about !
Is it a bird, is it a plane ? Not quite sure but cool costume The ever gorgeous Tammy in fancy dress
It's the dancing i tell ya DJ Jason as a very slutty nurse.  Any chance to dress up ... It's the dancin again !
Kieran being really scary behind the bar Nice to be able to see up Alfie's nose for a change ! Damien our jester doin some amazing jugglin
The crowd having a good time People everywhere in fancy dress Half of Roshambos daein it !
Jason in the mix More customers in blue fancy dress Can you guess who ?
Awesome outfit The hands down winner of the best dressed and most scariest person on the night ! Can you spot the difference between this and the previous picture ?
Louise looking scary for a change ... How scary are you ? Rarrrr More customers in fancy dress
Spooky decor Wheel of death More spooky decor
Someone in the staff @ the Clyde really does have some mental issues ... Help mummy the nasty man's scaring me ! It gets even more bizarre with the decor
Photo of the freak's gallery
More strange bits of decor in the front bar One last photo of the crowd enjoying themselves The scariest couple in town.  No really !!

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